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Photo Set

Is Brittany saying “I love you” in the second GIF? asdfghjkl the back-touch!!

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Is it not weird that the two girls that have probably partied the most (Brittany and Santana) were the two that barfed in Blame It?


Evidently, (if they actually were/are romantically involved) neither Naya nor Heather came out. Whoever posted, outted the people I look up to. I am definitly closeted, and having the fear of anybody being outted (yet again, if they were/are together) become a reality on anybody makes me feel fear. I’m crying now, because someone either lied about, or outted to people I look up to.


Brittany said she was lost in the sewers all summer. She then later said the differece between genders was their plumbing. Conclusion, Brittany spent the whole summer in Santana’s plumbing.